"Yukon" Decoration

by Doris Isaacs
Issue #92 - December 1980

I don't know about you, but the word "Yukon" brings to my mind visions of the far north and snow. The far north and snow immediately bring to mind Santa Claus, and I feel sure Santa must bring to mind for everyone, visions of Christmas. So, as a Christmas present to all of you this month, I want to share with you a Cambridge decoration of which we know very little, but believe was called "Yukon" by the Cambridge Glass Company.

Yukon After-Dinner Set In the August 1935 issue of China, Glass & Lamps, page12, there appeared a picture very similar to the one we show here in photo #1, of this little Cordial and After-Dinner Set. The photo in China, Glass & Lamps showed the set in clear glass, minus the frosted decoration. In the accompanying article along with the picture was the following: "Many new items in series decorated with frosted bands, including stemware, fancy items, platters, smokers' articles - elaborate new candelabra and epergnes - smart new cordial and after-dinner coffee set, as shown in the illustration, done in crystal and colors."

The after-dinner coffee cup contains our "proof" that the name of this frosted decoration was "Yukon". It contains not only the triangle c trademark on the bottom and a part of the original company paper label, but it also has a factory stock label which bears the name "Yukon." We have never seen this decoration in a catalog, mainly because catalog information between the years 1935 and 1940 just isn't available to us at this time, and of course there is always the possibility that it was not a good seller, and therefore had a very short life. However, we do feel that the article in China, Glass & Lamps does date it and lists other items that can undoubtedly be found with this decoration.

Yukon After-Dinner Set Photo #2 gives you a little better view of each item. The frosted or satin finish is on the cup handle and makes a band just below the cup rim. The same band circles the top of the vase cordial and the foot is entirely frosted.

We purchased the cigarette box in photo #3 and the ashtray in photo #4 the same day we purchased the cordial. All three pieces came from a 1977 auction held at the home of a former Cambridge Glass Co. worker.

These are the only pieces we have seen thus far. If any of you have similar pieces, please share your information with us. Merry Christmas to all!

Yukon After-Dinner Set Yukon After-Dinner Set