Toy Items by Cambridge

by Doris Isaacs
Issue #89 - September 1980

Cambridge glass toy items are not plentiful, especially in color. The "Colonial" items pictured here, can also be found in the Welker Reprint I, page 120.

2798 candlestick 2630 Butter dish

Photo #1 shows a #2798 Birthday Candlestick in crystal. It measures all the way to 3" in height.

The butter dish shown in Photo #2, is the #2630 "Colonial" in crystal.

The little creamer in Photo #3, goes with the #2630 "Colonial" butter. The creamer is in crystal.

Photo #4 shows the harder to find "Colonial" creamer, sugar and lid, in green.

2630 creamer 2630 creamer/sugar/lid

We have the bottom of the "Fernland" butter dish in green, but we are still looking for the top. The "Fernland" is also pictured in the Welker Reprint on page 120.

We did not use the little candlestick pictured here, after the storm and flood which hit Cambridge on August 11th and 12th, but we did give the other candlesticks in the house a good workout for two nights!!