Odds and Ends

by Doris Isaacs
Issue #88 - August 1980

When it comes to collecting Cambridge glass, we are just like everyone else, we have managed to collect a little of "this 'n' that" over the years! The four photos shown here represent some of those items.

Plate w/Cherubs etching Nautilus salt Azurite coaster Helio perfume

Photo #1 shows a light emerald green plate, signed with the Triangle C. Hopefully it will reproduce well enough for you to see the Cherubs in the etching.

The little Nautilus open salt shown in photo #2 is amber in color. The top has been ground and polished.

Photo #3 shows a 4" coaster in Azurite. It has a gold rim decoration.

The fourth photo is of a perfume bottle with atomizer top. It is in Heliotrope and has a black enamel decoration.

All items were purchased in the past three years. One came from California, one from Florida, one from a shop in Cambridge, Ohio, and one was pulled out of the trash and given to me by the owner during an auction in Cambridge. I had waited all day to buy it (and purchased a truck load of other things) only to find it had been thrown away!