Cambridge Cordials

by Doris Isaacs
Issue #86 - June 1980

Where have all the Cordials gone? They are getting harder and harder to find. Do hope you will enjoy our sharing these with you.

Cordials 7966 cordials

Photo #1 shows a #3795 stemmed Cordial with Paisley etching. This pretty etching was produced late by the Cambridge Glass Company. Check your 1956-58 Catalog Reprint for this stem and etching. Not much of this etching has turned up, but hopefully more will surface now that it can be identified.

In photo #2 the Tally-Ho #1402/100 Cordial has gold encrusted Elaine etching. It is just Beautiful. Saw a goblet like this recently at a Show, but the price was out of reach.

The 7966 Cordial shown in photo #3 has the Lily of the Valley" silk screen decoration (D1064). My husband Roy was outbid at an Auction on this one, but "friends are great", and he ended up with it anyway. It is lovely!

Another nice Cordial is this #7966 stem (photo #4) with the Rose decoration. Story has it that this pattern was made to go with a set of Universal Pottery tableware. Some how it didn't go into production and only ONE set was made.

Tally-Ho cordial 3136 cordials

Photo #5 shows a tiny dark green Tally-Ho Cordial #1402/13. Precious!

Our last photo #6 shows Rock Crystal engravings on stem #3l39 Cordial (left) and Wine (right). Although the cutting on the Wine is similar to King Edward, we are unable to identify either of the cuttings. Since these pictures were taken we have purchases a goblet with the same cutting as the Wine.

We have also purchased a Wine with an etching I don't recognize. It looks like a ribbon tied in a bow, with leaves and flowers hanging from the bow. The quality of these is so exceptional that an honest, knowledgeable dealer sold a set of these cut wines as Waterford. It took Charles Upton, Cambridge, OH (years later) to correctly identify them. Now, doesn't that make your last goof seem smaller?