Easter Baskets Anyone?

by Doris Isaacs
Issue #84 - April 1980

With Easter just around the corner, we thought perhaps we would share with you, these three little "Easter" baskets.

1506/4 Basket This first photograph shows the #1506/4, 5 in. Novelty Basket. It is plate shaped in light blue color, and is signed with the Triangle C. The 5 in. measurement does not include the handles. The factory decoration of colorful flowers and leaves, combined with the basketweave pattern, gives a delightful old fashioned look. We also have a slightly flatter version of the same basket, undecorated, in Mocha, signed with the Triangle C. (ref: Welker I, page 34)

1506/1 Basket At right is the #1506/1, 4in. Novelty Basket. This basket actually measures 3 3/8 in. across the handles and 4 1/4 in. across the top. It is signed and the color is a beautiful pale pink Crown Tuscan. In fact, the color is so pale that it has been mistaken for white milk glass. (ref: Welker I, page 34)

2800/122 Basket The third basket, shown at left, is a darling #2800/122 "Community" crystal basket with applied handle. The measurements of this little basket are: base diameter 1 5/8 in.; height to top of handle 4 1/4 in.; and 3 in. across the top. It is not signed. (ref: Welker I, page 34)

All of these pieces were purchased from friends or shops during the past four years. Price range should run from $15 to $35. The flat basketweave ones will be easier to find than the Crown Tuscan basketweave or the Community one.

In case the Easter Bunny doesn't bring your basket and you have to look For your own - Happy Hunting!