Mt. Vernon Open Salts

by Doris Isaacs
Issue #83 - March 1980

Were you aware of the fact that the Cambridge Glass Company produced four different salts in the Mt. Vernon pattern? Well, they did, and I would like to help you learn to identify each style. As you can see in the photos, three styles (#102) are footed and have handles, while the fourth style (#24) is small and round.

#102 salt The photo at left shows the oldest style #102, Mt Vernon two handled salt in pink. It is signed on the bottom with the large Triangle C. Note the plain top and large pointed diamonds. This style is the most difficult to find and this is the only one we have in our collection.

#102 Salt The photo at right shows the second style #102 salt in light emerald (apple) green. This one is also signed with the large Triangle C, but instead of a plain top, it has large saw teeth.

The next photo (at left) shows the last style #102 salt in amber. It is signed with a small Triangle C in a triangle and is easier to find than the other two styles. #102 Salt We have this style in crystal, mocha, amber, milk glass and Crown Tuscan with gold trim. All are signed with the exception of the milk glass. Characteristics of this style are the smaller pointed diamonds and the scalloped top that are familiar to Mt. Vernon collectors.

At right is a photo which compares all three #102 Mt. Vernon salts.Three #102 salts

The last photograph (below, left) shows the #24 style Mt. Vernon round, flat salt, in amber. It has the small pointed diamonds and is beautifully polished on the bottom. It is not signed. We found this in a cabinet of small pieces in an antique shop in the Seal Beach, CA area. It was sitting beside a Crown Tuscan colored Caprice open salt made by the Guernsey Glass #24 Salt Company at basically the same price.

A Birthday gift started our search for these salts. The Crown Tuscan one was bought at an auction in Cambridge, Ohio about four years ago. All others have been purchased from friends and shops. They are getting harder to find and we haven't made any recent additions to our collection

WARNING! The beauty, good quality and sparkling color tend to make Mt. Vernon salts habit-forming!

Editor's Note: The salt in photo #3 has been reproduced by Imperial Glass Company in crystal.