"Near-Cut" Patterns - Chelsea #4070

by Phyllis Smith
 Issue #82, February 1980

Over a period of several months, we have included in the CRYSTAL BALL, pages taken from an old Nearcut Catalog, containing pictures of the Nearcut Chelsea Ware #4070. We have incorporated the ten pages in a separate web page, due to its rather large size. You can view the ten pages of Chelsea items on that page. It is with deep appreciation that we thank Mr. & Mrs. Tom Mosser of Cambridge Ohio for loaning us this catalog to be used in this manner.

Chelsea AdThis particular Nearcut Catalog is not dated and simply states that it is Catalog No. 10. In doing research on Cambridge Glass, we have found the advertisement at right, in an edition of China, Glass & Lamps dated December 6, 1920. Thus we can give an "educated guess" that this Catalog No. 10 was published sometime in early 1921.

The Chelsea pattern could possibly be the last "New" pattern produced by the Cambridge Glass Company during their Nearcut Era (1904-1922). We have no proof at this time as to how long it was in production, but because of it's scarcity on the market today, it could be assumed it was not in production for too long a period.

It has been found mainly in crystal, but pieces in Azurite and Crystal with Ruby Flashing have been reported. It is entirely possible that it was made in Ebony and other opaque colors. If any of you have seen it in other colors, please let us hear from you. Chelsea has also been found cut, with Rock Crystal Engravings.