Frosty Little Things

by Doris Isaacs
Issue No. 80 - December 1979

Season's Greetings with "Frosty" Little Things!

This month's pictures are of Caprice Alpine pieces. The frosted sections make Caprice even prettier!

Photo No. 1
Photo No. 2
Photo No. 3

Photo #1 is a crystal #101 cruet, 4½" high, including stopper. This was Roy's first piece of Alpine. It was purchased at a yard sale in Senecaville, Ohio from a former dealer.

Photo #2 is a "fat" crystal vase which measurers 4" high and is nearly as wide altho the base diameter is only 2". This came from a Rose Bowl Swap meet, here in California.

Photo #3, left to right: blue #206 triangle Ashtray; blue 5½" Plate (we aren't sure what this was used for, it is ¾" smaller than the bread and butter plate); blue c.213 Ashtray w/placecard holder; and center front #95 blue 4 ftd. Almond which has the frosting on the bottom and it doesn't show in the photo.

Photo No. 4
Photo No. 5
Cigarette box
Photo No. 6

Photo #4 is a pink 3½" Coaster.

Photo #5 is a pink 2 oz. #188 Tumbler. It does hold 2 oz., measures 2½" high, 1 3/8" base diameter and 1½" top rim diameter.

Photo #6 is the small #207 pink Cigarette Box, size 2½" x 3½"

These are delightful little pieces and if you can locate them, should be in reach of the beginning collector. Prices should run approximately $7 to $20. With the exception of two pieces, these were all purchased at Antiques Shops during the past two to three years.

Here's hoping Santa leaves a pretty "Frosty" in your stocking!