Etchings - MARJORIE

by Phyllis Smith
Issue No. 74 - June 1979

Webmaster's Note: The text for this article was taken from the "We Get Letters" column written by Phyllis Smith, the CRYSTAL BALL Editor at the time. She was responding to two members who requested that any catalog pages containing the MARJORIE pattern be printed.

Information on the old etched Marjorie is almost non-existent. If you have a copy of Welker's Reprint I, you can see on page 92 the only other page of etched Marjorie (aside from the two reprinted here) known to exist. All three pages have been reprinted through the courtesy of Tom Mosser, the owner of the old original catalog.

This old catalog has the information on its front cover that it is "Catalog No. 10" of The Cambridge Glass Co.; manufacturers of Pressed and Blown Tableware and Specialties for Export and Domestic Trade; Patented Brand Pressed Tableware; "Nearcut" patented Trade Mark; "Cambridge Crystal" thin blown Tumblers and Stemware. There is no date on this catalog.

I hope that these two pages will be of help to you both in your study of this lovely Cambridge glass pattern. Thanks for writing.

Marjorie stemware
Marjorie catalog page