Unique Ladies

by Phyllis Smith
Issue 68 - December 1978

Something just a little bit different , or perhaps "unique" would be a better word, has surfaced for us to speculate on for awhile.

The two photos shown below, show an 8½" Draped lady (#518) Figure Flower Holder, in gold krystol.  But if you will notice, she is a bit different from all the other ladies we have seen, since she is in two pieces.  Evidently she has been cut out of her flower ring and polished so she'll fit down into the ring and sit flat on a table or in a bowl, such as the case may be.

Unique Lady figural Unique Lady figural This particular lady is owned by Shirley and Austin Hartsock from Maryland, and was purchased recently from Connecticut.

Some additional facts that make this information just a bit more interesting was the discovery at our Quarterly Meeting that Chester and Noami Gamble from her in Ohio, have recently purchased three similar ladies.  The difference being the fact that their ladies do not have the flower holder rings.

All three of their ladies are in the dark pink color.  Two of them are the 13" (#513) Draped lady and the third one is the Two-Kid (#509) flower holder.  Their ladies were purchased in Ohio from a man whose parents had been employed by the Cambridge Glass Company many years ago.

It is easy to imagine all types of explanations concerning these ladies, the easiest being that they were mistake that were ground down and taken home by the workers. Or they could have been made intentionally for use as lamps.  But whatever the reason, they are unique and one more interesting bit of information for us to ponder.

If there are still other ladies living with any of our members, please let us hear from you concerning their color and style.