8 Sparkling Reasons . . .

Compiled by Gwen and Billy Shumpert
Issue 65 - September 1978

Cambridge Rock Crystal Ad The title of this article comes from the title of the advertisement for Cambridge Rock Crystal that runs down the left side of the article - "8 Sparkling Reasons ...".

The ads that make up this article have been forwarded to us by Gwen and Billy Shumpert, Tupelo, Mississippi. Our purpose in reprinting them at this time is two-fold. First, they provide new and additional pattern or shape information, and secondly, they serve to reaffirm the fact that each of you could assist us in the search for this history of our glassware.

These ads were each taken from copies of House and Garden which were purchased at a Flea Market. These particular issues were in bound copies of the magazines that had been discarded by the University of Notre Dame Library.

The "Manor" ad appeared in October 1940, "Hanover" in October 1941, "8 Sparkling Reasons" in October 1943 and "Rock Crystal" in November 1944.

We can point out several areas in which ads such as these assist in our ongoing research.

In the "Manor" ad the creamer and sugar shape is note-worthy. This shape appeared in the early Pristine Line depicted in the 1940 catalog (Welker Reprint II page 41). It was dropped sometime prior to the 1949 catalog. Note that the handles used on these pieces were without holes for the finger. This is similar to the Caprice and Virginia handle. Very difficult to hold.

The ad "8 Sparkling Reasons" provides us with a picture of two new patterns and also the names of these patterns, "Cortland" and "Fleurette".

These ads also provide us with additional dating information. Many of the patterns shown did not appear in the 1940 catalog or on any known supplement pages that were dated June 1941, however since they were in these National ads in October of 1943 we can surmise that their production was introduced between these two dates.

The importance of such information is, of course, relative to your interests in research. Many of our collectors do desire to date their patterns, and as a collective group we need all such items to complete our panorama of Cambridge.

We would stress that the quantity of such advertising that is available to the CRYSTAL BALL is very small, and again submit the plea that each of you could help to ease the situation. As you pursue your normal course of collecting be on the alert for old copies of magazines that would carry these ads. This would include some of the following at least: Ladies Home Journal, House Beautiful, House and Garden, and American Home. The known date range for these ads would be from the late 1930's thru early 1954. There could be more titles involved and the date range could vary a little, but any ad bearing the Cambridge heading could be useful.

Your efforts and contributions would greatly assist your Editor in preparing interesting future issues of the CRYSTAL BALL, as well as help to complete our Cambridge story.



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