by Lynn Welker
Issue 59 - March 1978

This month, we will examine another Cambridge pressed pattern, Tally-Ho.

Tally-Ho 14oz Tumbler Introduced in 1932 and designated #1402 by the factory, the Tally-Ho Line included a large and complete line of pressed tableware, as well as a complete line of both pressed (#1402), and blown (#1402/100/150/200) stemware.

The Cambridge 1940 Catalog, pages 55-59, contain the entire line of Tally-Ho stemware and tumblers, with the exception of the 14 oz. barrel shaped tumbler pictured at left. In addition, the majority of items made in the Tally-Ho Line are pictured in the N.C.C. 1930-34 Catalog Reprint (pages 32-33 thru 32-36, 33-1 thru 33-6, 33-33, 34-4 and 34-20), as this Catalog covers the time period when most Tally-Ho pieces were produced.

[Webmaster's Note: the original CRYSTAL BALL article had reprints of a number of the above mentioned pages. We have not reproduced them for this online rendition of the article.]

The following is a list of other items produced in the Tally-Ho Line:


  • ice bucket
  • 4 in. coaster
  • 50 oz. hdld., ftd. cocktail shaker
  • 50 oz. ftd. cocktail shaker
  • 34 oz. decanter
  • 34 oz. hdld. decanter


  • 4 ½ in. ftd. fruit saucer
  • 6½ in. ftd. cereal
  • 6½ in. grapefruit (flat rim)
  • fingerbowl
  • 8 in., 9 in. & 10 in. plain bowls
  • 7 in., 9 in., 10 in., 12½ in., 14½ in., & 17 in. pan bowls (shallow--used to float flowers or for arrangements)
  • 10½ in. 2-hdld. bowl
  • 10½ in. & 12½ in. flared rim bowls
  • 11 in. flared bowl
  • 12½ in. flat rim bowl
  • 13 in. salad bowl (shallow)
  • 10½ in. low ftd. bowl (stem)
  • 8½ in., 10½ in. & 11 in. 3-compartment bowl
  • 13 in. ftd. punch bowl


  • 4½ in. low ftd. comport
  • 4½ in. tall comport
  • low ftd. mint
  • 6 in. high ftd. mint
  • 6½ in. tall comport
  • 7 in., 8 in., 9 in. low ftd. comport (stemmed)


  • 12 in. ftd. vase
  • 10 in. top hat (for flower arrangements)
  • 5 in. (square) candlesticks
  • 6 in. and 6½ in. (round) candlesticks (with or without bobeche and prisms)


  • cup & saucer
  • sugar & creamer
  • salt & pepper


  • 12 oz. hdld. stein
  • 14 oz. barrel stein (applied handle)
  • 2½ oz. hdld. tumbler (whiskey)
  • 6 oz. punch mug
  • ftd. punch cup
  • 5 oz. punch cup (designed later & does not have foot like other cup)


  • 74 oz. tankard jug
  • 88 oz. jug


  • finger bowl plate
  • 6 in. bread & butter plate
  • 7 in. tea plate
  • 8 in. salad plate
  • 9½ in. dinner plate
  • 10½ in. service plate
  • 7 in. 2-hdld. plate
  • 11½ in. 2-hdld. sandwich
  • 17½ in. cabaret or punch bowl tray
  • 18 in. buffet plate
  • 18 in. ftd. plate


  • sauceboat with plate & ladle
  • 6 in. & 6½ in. 2-hdld. nappies
  • 6 in. 2-hdld., 2-compartment relish
  • 8 in. 2-hdld., 3-compartment relish
  • 10 in. 2-hdld., 4-compartment relish
  • 12 in. celery
  • 5 in. frappe cocktail & liner
  • tall ftd. frappe cocktail & liner
  • 6 in. & 7 in. ftd., iced fruit server & liner
  • cookie or pretzel jar & cover (same base as the ice bucket)
  • 3-pc. twin salad dressing set (2-division comport with 2 ladles)
  • 4-pc. twin salad dressing set (2-division bowl, underplate & 2 ladles)
  • 3 sizes cheese & cracker sets (low comport with 14 in., 17½ in. or 18 in. plate)
  • 4-pc. salad set (3-pc. twin salad dressing set with 17½ in. or 18 in. plate)
  • 3-pc. buffet sets (17½ in. or 18 in. plate with 9 in. low comport and sugar on top for whipped cream/mayonnaise or a 5 oz. cocktail on top for catsup/cocktail sauce)


  • 4 in. ashtray
  • 4 in. ashtray with center handle
  • 2-piece ashwell (center handled ashtray serves as cover).

Tally-Ho Ice Bucket Although none of the stemware was signed, many pieces of the tableware can be found signed with the Triangle C, especially the cups, saucers and plates.

Tally-Ho handled Cocktail shaker The Tally-Ho Line was available in crystal, carmen, royal blue, gold krystol, amber, amethyst and forest green. The pressed stemware line was available in colors, and the blown stemware lines were available in color with crystal stem and foot. The ice bucket (left) was produced in Crown Tuscan, but it should be considered very rare in this color. The 50 oz. handled cocktail shaker (right) has been seen in a blue opaque similar to Windsor Blue although there is a possibility that this piece is experimental.

Tally-Ho Goblet w/Minerva Tally-Ho was available in a variety of decorations. Etchings found on Tally-Ho blanks include Catawba Grape, Elaine, #766 Chintz, Valencia, Minerva (picture at left) and Rose Point (only serving items were available in Rose Point, no stemware). Probably the most fitting as well as desirable etching on Tally-Ho is the Imperial Hunt Scene.

Tally-Ho was decorated with #1007 decoration (commonly called Lace design) in gold transfer on colors. Carmen, royal blue, and forest green pressed stemware have been found thus far. This decoration was also applied to crystal pieces in black enamel with an orange enamel edge trim and in orange enamel with platinum edge trim (see Tea plate shown above).

A few Rock Crystal cuttings were done on Tally-Ho crystal, but these are unusual, as are most of the decorations mentioned.

Blown Tally-Ho stemware was available with frosted bands on the bowls, to match china with rings on it that was popular in the 1930's.

Tally-Ho was one of the most popular of the Cambridge lines and was produced until the mid-1940's, when it was dropped completely from their line.

Study your books and Happy Hunting---------TALLY-HO!!