Cambridge Rainbow - Mandarin Gold

by Lynn Welker
Issue No. 54 - October 1977

Just right for a rainy autumn day is this month's color, Mandarin Gold.

Mandarin Gold patterns Mandarin Gold is a medium yellow color, brighter than the earlier Gold Krystol but paler than the vibrant, vaseline colored topaz. Mandarin Gold survived about nine years as a production color, but it was not manufactured in large quantities, as were other popular Cambridge colors such as amber, royal blue, dark emerald green and Carmen.

Growing out of the color Gold Krystol, an announcement, in the August 1949 issue of China, Glass and Lamps, first introduced "Mandarin" as one of the "Cambridge Glass Company's new colors". This author assumes that there was a slight formula change as the Mandarin Gold is a bit deeper color than Gold Krystol.

Mandarin Gold was produced in most of the popular lines of the 40's and 50's. These included: Tally-Ho, Cascade, Corinth, Gyro Optic, Mt. Vernon, Martha Washington, Seashell, Pristine, Georgian, Caprice, #3500 (Gadroon) and #3400. Only selected pieces from each line were produced in Mandarin Gold, not the entire line. As an example, Caprice was offered in plates, cups and saucers, sugar and creamer, bowls, candlesticks and other miscellaneous pieces.

Several of the major stem lines were offered in Mandarin Gold, often with a crystal stem and foot. Examples include: #3111, #3121, #3122, #3130, #3500 (these stems are usually seen w/Rosepoint etching), #1066 (Aurora, commonly called "golf ball" stem), #1401 (Jefferson), and the Stradivarius (Regency). The #1066 line can be found with the bowl, stem and foot all in Mandarin Gold.

Mandarin Gold pieces with etchings and decorations are seldom found, whereas etchings and gold decorations are often found on its forerunner, Gold Krystol.

There are several nice figural items to be found in Mandarin Gold, but these are not easy to find and usually command very high prices.

The #3011 Nude stemware was made in Mandarin Gold, although few pieces are seen today. The exception being the 3 oz. cocktail and the 1 oz. brandy (later referred to as a cordial). The large seashell top nude comport was made entirely in Mandarin Gold, and is considered extremely scarce.

Swans were produced in the 3 in., 6½ in. and 8½ in. sizes. There is also the possibility that the 4½ in. and 10 in. swans were made, but none have surfaced to my knowledge. Swans made in Mandarin Gold are all of the latest style by Cambridge rather than the earlier styles with feather detail.

The Bridge Hound pencil or cigarette holder, the Blue Jay candelabra figure, the 8 in. Dolphin candlesticks with square base, the 8½ in. and 13½ in. Draped Lady figure flower holders, the Blue Jay figure flower holder and the covered Turkey box, are all to be found in Mandarin Gold. There are other possibilities of figural items to be found in this color, but these are the only ones we have seen or heard of to date. If you know of other, please write so we may share this information with others.

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