Cambridge Square by Imperial

by Gwen Shumpert
Issue No. 53 - September 1977

Square covered candy A few years ago I walked into a Jewelry store in south Mississippi and saw sitting on a top shelf, covered with dust, a carmen "Cambridge Square" covered candy box. Needless to say, I almost had a light coronary!

The owner of the store said, "I've got some more things like this, if you are interested". Was I EVER interested!!! Down from the shelf came two of the large ashtrays, and two pair of cupped candlesticks. They were all carmen "Cambridge Square", and some of them were complete with the black and gold foil label that is so distinctly "Cambridge".

My joy was unspeakable, that is, until I got my bifocals focused on that label. It did say "Genuine Handmade Cambridge", -- BUT it went further, it also said "by Imperial".

After the shock wore off, I decided that I was still fortunate. The items are beautiful and the color is magnificent! So, as they say, "until the real thing comes along I'll just be glad I found my Imperial Ruby "Cambridge Square".

Square ash tray Square candlestick Lucile Kennedy, Sales Manager for Lenox-Imperial Glass Company, Bellaire, Ohio, said that she thinks this line was made in 1969.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Cambridge Square was first introduced by the Cambridge Glass Co., (in crystal only) on May 14, 1952, by a circular letter to all dealers. Evidence that it was produced in Carmen at some later, unknown date, is shown by the "flyer" below. (the original is in color) A 9½ in. vase in Carmen w/crystal foot is mentioned in a 1958 price list. In addition, Cambridge also produced Cambridge Square in their Ebony and Ebon colors. In addition to the three pieces mentioned in Gwen's article, Imperial also produced 11 in. and 6½ in. salad bowls, a 13½ in. plate, and a 10 in. oval dish in their Ruby color. They also made a candy box and cover in crystal.

Square pieces in Carmen