Patterns - Caprice, Part III

by Bill Smith
Issue No. 46 February 1977

What a world of new beauty you'll discover in Caprice, America's most in-vogue glassware pattern. Brilliance, charm -- an exquisite graceful design that bespeaks your infinite good taste for truly gracious living. (From 1930's ad material)

With this article we will vary our tactics somewhat from the previous format. We are providing the information so that you can do some of the work.

We have received many letters from members that have questioned the availability of particular items in specific colors. We do not have all of the answers as yet, but in the material of this article there should be many of them. The Price List included herein represents the peak of the production of Caprice and provides us with color and shape information on approximately 85 to 90 percent of the pattern items.

To obtain the full benefit available from this list, study all of the information given very carefully. It lists about 215 of the items produced, tells us the colors each was being produced in at that time, which items were grouped as sets, and even describes the Alpine finish applied to the 300 Line stemware.

To use the list most effectively, find the item you are interested in on the catalog pages. The number below the item will be it's catalog number and is the number you will use to locate this item in the Price List. The various columns to the right of the description will indicate by the presence of a price the colors available, and whether or not the Alpine finish was used. Bear in mind that we are only talking in terms of 85 to 90% of the production, and that there will be some exceptions.

The following General Information appeared in the front of the Price List and will be applicable not only to this Caprice article, but to any patterns that may in the future be presented from the 1940 Catalog.  Collect CAPRICE