Stems - No. 3126

by Frank and Vicki Wollenhaupt
Issue #45 January 1977

Our Stem this month was patented on October 20, 1931, by Wilbert L. Orme. It was assigned Design patent #85,389.

3126 GobletAt first glance we would call this stem (pictured at left) the #3121 stem, but this would be inaccurate. With this shape bowl, it is called the #3126 stem.

3121 Portia goblet As you can see from the two illustrations presented here, the #3126 and #3121 stems are the same. The shape of the bowl determines the number of the stemware.

In the new 1930-34 Catalog Reprint the #3126 stemware plate etched "Portia" is shown on page 32-1. There are thirteen different sizes shown and they are: 7 oz. tall and 7 oz. low sherbets, 4½ oz. claret, 1 oz. cordial, 2½ oz. wine, 9 oz. goblet, 1 oz. brandy, 3 oz cocktail, 4½ oz. oyster cocktail, and 10 oz., 13 oz., 5 oz. and 2½ oz. footed tumblers.

On page 32-2 of the catalog the #3121 stemware with plate etched "Portia" is also shown (and is pictured at right). It, too, shows thirteen sizes of stemware. There is a little variation in the number of ounces some bowls will hold - otherwise the list is the same as the #3126.

We have been unable to find any National advertising on these stems until 1937. The January 1937 issue of China, Glass and Lamps carried an ad showing the #3121 stem with "The Cambridge Glass Co.'s newest etching, the Wild Flower". We are sorry that the quality of our photo is not good enough to reproduce here.

These two stems were used with many variations of colors, rock crystal engravings (see pages 32-14 and 32-15 of the catalog reprint) and etchings.

The 1940 catalog shows both stems still being offered with very little change except in the number of ounces some of the bowls would hold.

This will be our last Stem article for a while. If you have any requests for future articles or questions, please write us in care of the CRYSTAL BALL.