Stemware - No. 3122

by Frank and Vicki Wollenhaupt
Issue 44 - December 1976

On November 10, 1931 patent number 85,528 was granted to Jess Clair Kelly for the. following stem.

3122 Patent drawingThe first mention of this stem, to date, appears in the October, 1931 issue of China, Glass and Lamps. The ad states "This has never been shown before. An exquisite glass line of domestic manufacture made in full stemware, flatware and dinnerware. The new shape has a fancy pressed stem on which patent is applied for ... "

According to the December, 1931 issue of China, Glass and Lamps, "The number 3122 patented shape in stemware may be had in Forest Green, Royal Blue, Amber, Carmen, Gold Krystol, Peach-Blo, Emerald, Heatherbloom and Crystal. The line is made either plain, etched or in Rock Crystal".

The National Cambridge Collectors reprint issue of the 1930-34 Cambridge catalog reveals the No. 3122 stem in the following sizes: 4, 5, 9 and 12 oz. footed tumblers, 7 oz. low and 7 oz. tall sherbets, 4½ oz. oyster cocktail, 9 oz. goblet, 4½ oz. claret, 2½ oz. wine, 3 oz. cocktail and a 1 oz. cordial.

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