Etchings - DRAGON

by Phyllis Smith
Issue 43 - November 1976

When discussing RARE and desirable items of Cambridge glass, it seems that Japonica and Pomona come to mind first. But don't overlook the equally RARE and sometimes more desirable etched pieces.

Vase with Dragon etchingThe Dragon etching shown here is probably one of the most rare - second only to the Windsor etching shown in the August, 1976, CRYSTAL BALL. (No one has found a piece of Windsor etching that we are aware of at this time.)

Our research information tells us that the Dragon etching and the almost as rare Peacock etching, was introduced by Cambridge in early 1922.

These two etchings were used in 1922 on the brand new Azurite in a variety of colors which included black, green, gold and spun silver (marked Sterling). It seems that as new glass colors were introduced, these etchings were added to them. It is reasonable to assume that they were used on all opaque colors as well as the pastels and crystal.

With all the pieces that were made, it would seem reasonable to believe that there would be more than ample for collectors, but this just does not seem to be the case.

The following is a listing for your reference in studying those elusive etchings: Bennett's Color Book pages 19, 23 and 39; Welker's Color Book I plate 4; Welker's Color Book II plates 5 and 7; and Welker's Catalog Reprint I page 90. Our own 1930-1934 Catalog Reprint page 50 shows the vase shown at left and of course you can see a few pieces in the Bennett Museum in Cambridge, Ohio.

Keep in mind that other companies made similar etchings - so be sure to do your homework before going out and investing a large sum of money. To our knowledge, the etchings always appear on the item three times and the eyes of the dragon are always red.