Stemware - 3500 and a Mystery

by Frank and Vicki Wollenhaupt
Issue 40 - August 1976

This month finds us looking at two patents. Each patent was designed by a different person and granted 19 months apart.

The first patent was filed by W. L. Orme, August 25, 1931 and was granted design patent 85,388 on October 20, 1931.

The second patent was filed by J. C. Kelly, January 20, 1933 and was granted design patent 89,769 on May 2, 1933.

The stem in Figure #1 is a mystery stem. As far as we can tell at this time, this stem was never in production.

The second stem (Figure 2) is the #3500 stem. This stem is one of the more popular Cambridge stems. It is found with Rosepoint and many other etchings. It was also used for rock crystal engravings.

3115 and Mystery stem

In looking at the two stems, we can see a great similarity between them. The main differences are:

  1. The ring at the top of the stem
  2. The ring at the top of the points
  3. The crosshatch design on the points
  4. The round knob at the bottom of the stem
  5. The foot.

After looking at all the similarities we can only speculate that Figure 1 was the forerunner of the #3500 stem.

The 3500 stem is shown for the first time in China, Glass and Lamps April, 1933. The ad states:

"Valencia Continues Cambridge Leadership in Etching. The beautiful lattice work is set off with a bowknot effect. This etching is particularly striking on the new No. 3500 Gadroon patented shape, in stemware and accessory pieces".

The items made in the #3500 line are as follows: goblet, long bowl, goblet, short bowl, 7 oz. tall sherbet, 7 oz. low sherbet, 5 oz. cafe parfait, 3 oz. cocktail, 2½ oz wine, 4½ oz. claret, 4½ oz. oyster cocktail, 1 oz. cordial, 13 oz. footed. tumbler, 12 oz. footed. tumbler, tall, 10 oz. footed tumbler, 5 oz. footed tumbler, 2½ oz. footed tumbler.

If anyone has one of our mystery stems, please let us know about it.