Flower Holders - Mandolin Lady

by Bill Smith
Issue 38 - June 1976

The flower holder that we present this month is another that we Mandolin Lady sketch cannot positively identify as being of Cambridge manufacture. It might be said that this one is a definite maybe.

The relatively few people that are acquainted with this figure refer to it as "The Mandolin Lady". This seems to be an appropriate name due to the shape of the instrument she appears to be playing.

There are several reasons why this figure is be1ieved to be Cambridge Glass. We will mention a few of these for your consideration and study.

It is a statue-like form surmounting a base having holes for holding flowers as stated in Mr. Bennett's patent application.

The base is the same style (#2) and size as others of Cambridge production.

We have heard of only four of these figures to date, two crystal and two light green. The green appears to be identical to early Emerald. One crystal and one green figure has been given a frosted finish.

This lady appears to be wearing a swim suit when viewed from the front. In the back this garment reaches to the base at the right foot.

We extend our thanks to Mr. Paul Roberts for the sketch we have used in this article.