Stemware - 3300 Line

by Frank and Vicki Wollenhaupt
Issue 37 - May 1976

3300 GobletThe stem this month might be one of the more elusive stems that Cambridge made. The pattern number for this line is 3300.

Advertisement for 3300 stems This stem was patented by Mr. J. C. Kelly on September 17, 1929. The first and only reference for this stem (to date) has been found in the August 19, 1929, issue of China Glass and Lamps. (Advertisement at right)

The ad states that they made a regular 9 oz. table tumbler (at left), an 2 oz. goblet, a tall sherbet and a footed 10 oz. soda goblet. The line could be had in the following transparent shades: Emerald, Maderia (golden amber), Peach-Blo, and Crystal. Since this line consisted mainly of tumblers and stemware, it might be possible that it was made strictly for hotels and restaurants.

This certainly is not one of Cambridge's more graceful stems, but it is an interesting one. Every item of this line that this writer has seen, has been signed.

Evidently this stem did not sell well, as it was patented in 1929, but is not mentioned in the 1930-34 catalogue.