Stems - Stradivari or Regency

by Frank and Vicki Wollenhaupt
Issue 35 - March 1976

This month finds us looking at another brain child of Mr. Arthur J. Bennett. Stradivari stem The Stradivari stem was patented by Mr. Bennett on December 7, 1935, patent number 98,490. The goblet is pictured at left, with the front and side views of the stem illustrated.

This stem must have gone through several changes from the time it wan patented, until we find it first advertised in a March, 1937 copy of China, Glass and Lamps.

The first catalogue we have that can be used as a reference for this stem, is one dated August 1, 1940. The following items are shown with this stem: 5 oz., 10 oz. and 12 oz. footed. tumbler, 10 oz. goblet, 3½ oz. cocktail, 3 oz. wine, 4½ oz. oyster cocktail, 7 oz. low sherbet and 5½ low & tall comports.

In the June, 1949 catalogue we find the name has been changed to Regency. At the present time we do not know when the name was changed or what prompted the change. The 1949 catalogue lists two new items: a 4½ oz. claret and a 1 oz, cordial. It also deletes the 5½ oz. low and tall comports that were listed in the 1940 catalogue.

The l958 Cambridge Glass Company price list gives us the same items in the Regency stem as shown in the 1949 catalogue. From this information we can speculate that the Stradivari or Regency stem was being made, or at least was available, until the last days of the company's existence.

This stem is truly one of the most graceful stems that Cambridge produced.