Stems - Tally-Ho

by Frank and Vicki Wollenhaupt
Issue 33 - January 1976

Tally-Ho is our first stem choice for 1976. The designation for this stem is 1402/100, 1402/150 and 1402/200.

On May 9. 1933, patent number 89,821 was granted to Wilbur L. 0rme. The patent was a design patent, for a goblet or similar article.

Tally-Ho Stem shapes Looking through the trade publications around this time period didn't produce a single ad for this stem. One item of information that was found in the July 1934 issue of China Glass and Lamps was a photo of a table setting by B. Altman a using the Tally-Ho stem. Three sizes of the stem were used in the table setting.

The Tally-Ho stem is first found in the 1930-34 Cambridge catalogue. The stem can be found listed as: 1402/100; 1402/150; 1402/200. After lookIng at these items, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that the 100-150-200 designation depicts the shape of the bowl.

The items that can be found in the 14O2/100 stem are wine, goblet, tall sherbet, low sherbet, oyster cocktail, claret, 5 oz. footed tumbler, 3 oz. footed tumbler, brandy inhaler(tall) cordial, brandy inhaler(low) 12 oz. footed tumbler, 12 oz. footed tumbler(tall bowl) and a 16 oz. footed tumbler. This 100 bowl shape is seen with the Elaine, Valencia and Minerva etchings on it in the 1930-34 Cambridge catalogue.

Items in the 1402/150 stem are: 12 oz. footed tall tumbler, 12 oz. footed tumbler, 9 oz. footed tumbler, 3 oz wine, low sherbet, 3½ oz. cocktail and a 1 oz. cordial. This 150 bowl is shown in the 1930-34 Cambridge catalogue with the Elaine etching on it.

Items in the 1402/200 stem are: 10 oz. footed tumbler, 5 oz., footed tumbler, 6 oz. low sherbet, 3 oz. footed tumbler, 3½ oz. cocktail and a 1 oz. pousse-cafe. The 200 shape bowl is shown in the 1930-34 catalogue with the #766 Chintz etching.

All of the l402/100-150-200 items are thin, mold blown stems. There is another 1402 stem in this line and it is a heavy pressed stem. It will be discussed next month.

Below are two closeup photos of the 1402 tall stem showing both front view(right) and side view(left) details.

Front view of 1402 stem Side view of 1402 stem