Is It Cambridge?

by David McFadden
Issue 32, December 1975

This month the article will be limited in information. We try to verify all our information with reliable sources and this means some travel and a lot of digging, and it is time for us to do more of both.

The glass Tomahawk has been re-issued by the Crystal Art Glass Co., Cambridge, Ohio. The company is owned by Mrs. Degenhart. Reports say that the mold was recently re-worked and the Crystal Art Glass signature has been added to the handle. (To see the Tomahawk, refer to Welker Reprint #2, page 115.) The Cambridge number for the Tomahawk is 2561.

One item re-issued by Imperial Glass Co. at Bellaire, Ohio is the Mt. Vernon Salt Dip, Cambridge #102 (shown below, right). Reports tell us that it was made in crystal and the Triangle C was still in the mold.

Another item re-issued by the Mosser Glass Co., at Cambridge, Ohio is the Mt. Vernon 4" Ash Tray (below, left). The Cambridge number is 68. It is being made in all the Mosser colors.

Mt Vernon Ash Tray Mt Vernon Salt