by Dave Rankin
Issue 31, November 1975

This month we will resume our study of the specialty trademarks with a discussion of three labels from the 1930's. Two of these labels were used on the popular etchings, Elaine and Rose Point, introduced in 1933 and 1935 respectively.

Elaine logo
Figure 1
Rose Point logo
Figure 2
Table Architecture
Figure 3
Table Architecture Logo
Figure 4

We do not have trademark registrations or trade article on these labels, therefore, our date ranges are somewhat speculative. The main dating factor is the presence of the Triangle C which, as noted in our previous discussions, was phased out of the general line label at the end of 1937. It, therefore, seems appropriate to assume that usage of all labels with the Triangle C Logo was stopped at the end of 1937 unless there is specific evidence to the contrary. With no such evidence on these labels we will conclude that the maximum date ranges are 1933 - 1937 on the ELAINE label and 1935 - 1937 on the ROSE POINT label.

Our third label this month is TABLE ARCHITECTURE. This label, registration #349,280, was first used March 15, 1937 according to the registration. The items in table architecture are patented and the application for the patent was filed April 23, 1937. This gives us a good starting date of 1937. However, we found only one usage of the label in a January 1, 1940 catalog. From this limited information we have a minimum date range of 1937 - 1940 which will be adjusted as more facts are uncovered.

Figure 3 is from the trademark registration and figure 4 comes from the 1940 catalog. At this point we cannot be sure what the actual label looks like but suspect that figure 4 is a very close approximation, if not exact.

Next month more specialty labels.