Stems - 3114

by Frank and Vicki Wollenhaupt
Issue 31, November 1975

This is the first of a series of articles dealing with some of the Cambridge stems. 3114 Goblet These articles aren't meant to be taken as the last word in stems, but will reflect research through advertising material, old catalogues and any other place information can be gathered. We request that anyone that has some other information not cited in the article to please make us aware of it. We would appreciate a copy of the information you are using as a guide, so that we can put forth as much factual information as obtainable. If you have a favorite stem that you would like researched, drop us a note through the CRYSTAL BALL.

The stem that we wish to discuss this month was first seen in a patent issued to W.C. McCartney, February 11, 1936. (Drawing, at right) On the patented item, the Candlelight etching is shown. The line number for the stem is 3114 and it has been seen in a 1940 catalogue.

The big giveaway on the stem is the five rings at the top of the stem. This stem has not been found in any of the national advertising we have found around the 1936 to 1942 time period. Two comports with the #3114 stem can be found in Welker's Reprint #2, page 6.

Other items of this Line found in a 1940 catalogue are as follows: 10 oz. Goblet, 7 oz. Tall Sherbet, 7 oz. Low Sherbet, 4½ oz. Claret, 3 oz. Cocktail, 5½ oz. Daiquiri Cocktail, 2½ oz. Wine, 1 oz. Cordial, 4½ oz. Oyster Cocktail, 12 oz. Ftd. Tumbler, 10 oz. Ftd. Tumbler, 5 oz. Ftd. Tumbler and 3 oz. Ftd. Tumbler.