Is it Cambridge?

by David McFadden
Issue 30, October, 1975

Mr. Tom Mosser of the Mosser Glass Co. is also co-owner of the Variety Glass Co., Cambridge, Ohio. They produce a line of pharmaceutical supplies. When Cambridge Glass Company went out of business, the Variety Glass Co., purchased the original Cambridge molds for the pharmaceutical line, and have continued producing this line to the present time.

Items in this line include beakers, funnels, glass trays, alcohol lamps, alcohol cups, balsam bottles, battery jars, stender dish, desiccating jars, bell glasses, bandage and surgical dressing jars, tongue blade jars, developing trays, etc.

Other items produced at Variety Glass are:

  1. Cheese Preserver Jar and cover #1570 Round. (Reference--McLean reprint--Page 28.)
  2. Cheese Preserver Jar and cover #1571 Square. (Reference--McLean reprint--Page 28.)
    • One Style of the cheese preserver is being sold to a cheese making firm in Iowa and they market it filled with cheese. The second style of cheese preserver is being sold to a distributor in Long Island, New York, who ships it to retail outlets. It has been seen for sale at the Lazarus Department Store in Columbus, Ohio.
  3. Mount Vernon #16 - 3" toilet box and cover--Round. (Reference--Welker Reprint #1, page 83.)
    • This box is produced at Variety Glass Co. with the lid being ground to fit tightly on the box. It is also being produced at Mosser Glass Co., in colors as a novelty item. The lid is not being ground on these.