Trademarks - Specialty Labels

by Dave Rankin 
Issue 29, Sept. 1975

Introduction:  As we begin our discussion this month we wish to point out that the information on the specialty labels is very limited. This has been caused by the nature of these labels and their limited usage. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important for every member of this club to let us know if he or she has a particular label or any information about the label that we can share through this column.

Cambridge Art Glass label Our first label comes from a single reference in an article in China, Glass and Lamps on January 23, 1922. The article states: "On the gold-encrusted 'Azurite' ware, the Cambridge Glass Co. has placed a gold label bearing the wording: 'CAMBRIDGE ART GLASS, OHIO, U.S.A.'"

We have not seen this label and have no picture or other information. Do you? [Webmaster's NOTE: At left is a drawing from the 1990 Crystal Ball submitted by a member (RaNae Travers) who has an item with this label on it.]

Cambridge 22K Gold label The 22K Gold Cambridge label shown at right was observed on an Emerald (light) green bowl with a gold encrusted floral pattern.

We have no specific information or reference on this label but were able to develop a good approximation of the date of the bowl. The floral decoration appeared in an August, 1928 trade article. This date falls within the time range for Emerald green and for the triangle in trademarks. From this slim association of facts we suggest that the 22K Gold Cambridge label was used circa 1928.

Next month more specialty labels.