Is it Cambridge?

by David McFadden
Issue 29, September, 1975

Again this month we bring you more information from Tom Mosser, of the Mosser Glass Company of Cambridge, Ohio.

The frog and squirrel novelty figures are two more items produced by the Mosser Glass Company. The mold used is not an original Cambridge mold, but a mold which Mr. Mosser had made for his own use. It is very similar to the original Cambridge mold. The frog and the squirrel were introduced by Cambridge as novelty items about 1932 and were made in transparent colors and with a satin finish. They can be seen in Welker reprint #1 on page 34.

The Mosser frog and squirrel can be seen in all his colors, both transparent and with a satin finish. An interesting item to see is the mold. Both the frog and the squirrel are made in the same mold. They are cast together on a common base. When removed from the mold, the figures are cut from the common base and the bottoms are ground. Mr. Mosser told us that the Cambridge mold also had both figures in one mold.

Two other items in the Mosser line are the 8 oz. and the 22 oz. dog and cat bottles. Mosser Glass owns the original Cambridge molds for the 8 oz. and the 22 oz. dog and cat bottles, but has only reissued the 8 oz. sizes of each. The catalog indicates that the Cambridge dog and cat were introduced during the Near Cut era and can be seen on page 116 of Welker reprint #2. Mr. Mosser tells us that he has cut the threads off the tops of the bottles and is not making any caps. They are seen in all his colors, but he reports they are not good sellers and he plans to remove them from his line. The Cambridge bottles have been seen in light pink, light green, ritz blue, topaz and crystal.