Touch of History

by Jack and Sue Rettig
The introduction of opaques by Cambridge!
Issue 28, August, 1975

The article of Jan. 23, 1922 is the first introduction of the azurite and ebony glassware. It also describes decorations of peacocks and dragons in black and green on the azurite. A rarity indeed must be the gold encrusted azurite with the gold "art glass" label.

The year 1923 brought primrose yellow, helio and carrara, along with a new innovation of white gold decoration.

In the Jan. 7, 1924 issue they continue to speak of Cambridge art glass. Some of it is ebony, stippled in either gold or silver. Also, jade green and ivory are introduced. The basket of flowers in multicolor enameling on the ivory vase is among the most beautiful decorations Cambridge made. It was on display at this year's convention.

The rams head bowl designed from the wedgewood earthenware is described in the Jan. 14, 1924 article along with the matching candlesticks shown in the June 5, 1922 article. It might be of interest to note the candlestick design preceded the bowl.

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