Trademarks - Part I

by Dave Rankin
Issue 26 - June 1975

This month we will discuss the first of two groups of trademarks, centered around the word CAMBRIDGE.

The CAMBRIDGE trademark Triangle C logo was registered in 3 classes:
Registration # 278643 issued December 23, 1930 in class 33, Glassware, covers an extensive list of glass items including table service, figure flower holders, vanity articles and swans;
Registration # 279630 dated January 20, 1931 in class 34, Heating, Lighting and Ventilating Apparatus covers candlesticks; and
Registration # 279636 issued January 20, 1931 in class 8, Smoker's Articles, covers ash trays and the like.

Figure 1 The registration states that the trademark (shown in figure 1, at left) "has been used and applied to said goods in applicant's business since 1927. The trademark is applied or affixed to the goods or to the packages containing the same by placing thereon a printed label on which the trademark is shown".

In our search for actual label usage we found four different versions, each one with a slight variation from the preceding version. All version contained the word CAMBRIDGE and the Figure 2 Triangle C logo symbol and are printed with black ink on yellow paper.

The oldest label, figure 2, has the word TRADEMARK aided to the registered version. It appears as two words, one on each side of the Triangle C logo symbol. It measures 9mm X 16mm. We did not locate this label in any trade advertising, but we determined that it was the oldest version on the basis of the pieces we have observed with this label. Since it did not appear in the advertising, we have no indication of the date of discontinuance. Until more information is found our date range is 1927 - ?

Figure 3 The next version is the same as our oldest label, with the addition of the words MADE IN USA. along the bottom of the oval (see figure 3, at right). We have not observed an actual CAMBRIDGE Triangle C logo MADE IN USA label other than in the trade advertising where it appears from February through April, 1930 only. We hesitate to suggest that this label was used for such a short period of Figure 4Our third label, time. It is mote likely in this case that the label came into use on the goods prior to its introduction in the advertising. Again until more information surfaces, we will use a date range of ? -1930.

figure 4, at left, has the word GENUINE added at the top of the oval. The GENUINE CAMBRIDGE label appeared in the trade advertising May, 1930 through February 1932. It measures 11mm. X 17mm.

final known version, figure 5, at right, measures 11mm X 19mm. The modification to this format came with the addition of the words HAND MADE after GENUINE at the top of the oval. In the trade advertising, the earliest occurrence was in April, 1932.

Usage of this label continued through 1937. in January, 1938, an article in a trade publication announced to the glass trade that Figure 5The forth and Cambridge had adopted a new paper label. Discontinuance of the label at this time was confirmed in both trade and national advertising. Our date range is, therefore, 1932 - 1937.

To recap these four labels:
1) CAMBRIDGE Triangle C logo (figure 2) - 1927 - ?
2) CAMBRIDGE Triangle C logo MADE IN USA (figure 3) - ? - 1930
3) GENUINE CAMBRIDGE Triangle C logo (figure 4) - 1930-1932
4) GENUINE HAND MADE CAMBRIDGE Triangle C logo (figure 5) - 1932 - 1937