by Ruth Forsythe
Issue 25 - May 1975

Spring is here and all of nature has awakened.

The Cambridge Glass Company was also wide awake with the production of novelty glass items depicting the best that nature has to offer.

This month, just a scratching of the surface with the many natural patterns made by the Cambridge Glass Company.

We have seen the birds in crystal, however, they must have been made in color also. The squirrel in clear and in amber; probably other colors. Mr. Frog in clear and in frosted, could very well be colors; bridge hound in almost every clear color made by Cambridge and in the opaque Crown Tuscan. Have noted the butterfly in clear, in frosted and in dianthus pink.

Fun to look for, exciting to find and always room to display in that tiny spot where everything nice is just too big.

Below: Page from Cambridge Glass Company catalogue dated January 1, l940.

Novelty Figures