Patterns - NEARCUT NO. 2656

by Ruth Forsythe
Issue 24 - April 1975

Nearcut 2656 Another simple, yet elegant pattern of the Cambridge Glass Company. Kamm calls it "Star of Bethlehem". Date of manufacture is about 1909.

The design consists of a very large star on each side of the object, with one long ray extending downward to the very base. The other rays are shorter and vary in length. Sometimes there are six, sometimes eight of the deeply scored rays. Surrounding those deep rays are shorter, shallower ones to enhance the effect.

Items in this pattern include four piece table set, celery vase with two handles, half gallon tankard and half gallon tall pitcher, many flat bowls, a square perfume bottle, tumbler, goblet champagne, claret, soda glass, etc.

The pattern comes with the entire surface except the stars in ruby, with bright gold edges. The star is left clear and is very deep.

Think you have seen some of this around? I believe I have and not knowing, passed it up. Sob. Sob.

Ref. Minnie Watson Kamm