Patterns - NEARCUT NO. 2508

by Ruth Forsythe
Issue 23 - March 1975

2508 Nearcut Pattern NEARCUT No. 2508 is a plain, simple and beautiful pattern.

There is a row of thumbprints near either the top or the bottom of a piece and in the case of the compote, both top and the base have a row of thumbprints.

Different than the usual thumbprint pattern used by many glass companies, as there are two shapes of thumbprints alternately oval or round and rectangular.

Usually, the rim is scalloped when the thumbprints are near the top and when the thumbprints are near the bottom, the rims are plain. On covered pieces, the thumbprint forms are also alternated on the lids.

NEARCUT No. 2508 was made in the tumbler, water pitcher, table sets, half gallon tankard, salver and many bowls and nappies. Some, items have applied handles and some have pressed handles.

The Cambridge Glass Company says of the pattern in the trade catalogue "one of the old staple lines, and always needed for the country merchant's store. Good, Clean and sensible."

Ref. Minnie Watson Kamm