Flower Holders - Part VI

by Bill Smith
Issue 23 - March 1975

As a sequel to last month's article relating to the 1502 holder, we felt that a little more information on the 1500 series of blocks would be appropriate.

This series included the 1503, 1504, and the 1505. Each a very practical block with a benefit to the hostess and her decorating.

1503 Flower BlockThe 1503, pictured at left, was designed as an inexpensive practical arranger that provided a means of producing a nice display with a small bouquet.

It was designed to be placed in the bottom of a rose bowl, where it would hold the stems in place.

The catalogs listed it as a 2½ in. holder that was priced at $6.90 per dozen List. The pieces were made in Crystal only per the ads.

1504/1505 Flower BlocksThe number 1504 Flower Circle came in two sizes. The 4 in. circle which listed at the price of #15.00 per dozen pairs and the 7½ in. listing at $22.50 per dozen pairs. A pair consisted of two half circles.

The Company advertising stated, "Our flower circles offer the hostess an opportunity to create attractive and different table settings with the short stemmed flowers which are in popular use today. 1504/1505 Flower Blocks There are various arrangements such as complete circles or interlaced half circles. Combined with our flower bars they provide still greater variety to your decorating". Some of the combinations are shown in the large illustration at left.

The List price for the 1505 6 in. Block was $7.90 per dozen. The catalog stated these were made in Crystal only.

The catalog references used in this article were taken from the mid-forties. It was interesting also to note that these item did not appear in the October 5, 1953, Price List.

As the illustrations above and to the right show, both the 1504 and the 1505 holders include a large central halo for the placement of a candle.

2900 Circle block Based upon the thinking that the 1500 series of holders probably were all manufactured after the 1936 patent date shown for the 1502, we come to another interesting item.

Even Cambridge must have found it in their best interest to update their line of holders occasionally. The 2900 circle, shown at right, was listed in an early thirties catalog. It was made in two sizes, 5½ inch and 7 inch. There is no indication regarding colors produced.

This provides just another example of the total variety produced by Cambridge and another reason why we must continue the search for additions to our collections of Cambridge Glass.