Patterns - Snowflake

by Ruth Forsythe
Issue #9 - January 1974

1974 and a whole new year of collecting fun ahead. Also a prediction that our club will become bigger and better.

The December 2nd. meeting was an indication that members are very interested and many suggestions were made to improve an already good organization. The suggestion that other members write an article now Snowflake pattern and then for the newsletter was very sound. We feel this would make the newsletter more interesting end more diversified.

Can't wait to see who will write and what subject they will choose. So, come on club, let's get going. How about an article on patterns. Send to Richard Pavlov, 623 Wheeling Ave., Cambridge, Ohio 43725, before the end of the month.


Since the snow will probably be flying, we thought it appropriate to choose the pattern SNOWFLAKE for the month of January.

Note that the principal motif of the pattern is a soft feathery snowflake. The snowflake is formed in concave lines which go on to surround hobstars, fans, etc. A neat small scalloped almost crimped edge further enhances this pattern. An early pattern since the accompanying photos were taken from a 1909 catalogue. Do not know if pieces were marked Near Cut. However, SNOWFLAKE is another Near Cut Pattern.

SNOWFLAKE is almost the same pattern as the Fernland toy set pictured in the December issue of the CRYSTAL BALL.

* Ref: Mimi Watson Kamm.