Patterns - ROSE POINT

by Ruth Forsythe
Issue #20 - December 1974

Rose Point Advertisement Many are familiar with ROSE POINT as it is probably the most popular etching done by the Cambridge Glass Company. And, for this reason, is now the most popular etching as many people are looking for replacement pieces to their sets or adding to their already existing sets. Also, while it is still possible to put together a set of ROSE POINT, some are just starting to collect the pattern.

The ROSE POINT etching was not only used on stemware, but on plates, serving pieces, candle holders, vases and it would seem almost anything made by Cambridge.

The ROSE POINT etching was used on crystal, the clear colors and on the opaques. Often the etching was gold encrusted and this will be found on crystal, clear colors and the opaques.

The goblet pictured is with stem number 3121.

ROSE POINT was patterned after an imported end very expensive hand-made lace.

Pictured in addition to ROSE POINT are Diane, Blossom Time, Chantilly and Wildflower etchings. These too, are very collectible.

The following is some very interesting information passed on to us by a fellow club member:

This is just part of a letter found in an old notebook of W. C. McCartney of the Cambridge Glass Company. It is not known to whom it was directed or from whom it came, but certainly brings out again the importance of design and name in selling.

C/L #30 - Page #2

Regarding Rose Point Lace: Stopped into Marshall Fields this morning and talked to the buyer of this department. They have a fireproof safe in which they keep all of their Rose Point and other fine handmade laces.

I do not know how complete your information is on this type of lace, but this lady told me it was practically all made in Belgium and none or very little being made now. It is all made by hand, of cotton, taking years to make even a single yard of some of the more complicated patterns.

They have one piece there 9 inches wide that they want $75.00 a yard for and this has been marked down from $120.00 a yard. They have another piece 18 inches wide and this is a very exquisite one with the rose petals made free from the main body of the fabric. They are asking $300.00 a yard for this and it has been marked down from $500.00. This piece of lace has been in the store for over forty years and was exhibited at the last Chicago Worlds Fair.

Until next month.