Patterns - Near Cut Design #2653

by Ruth Forsythe
Issue #15 - July 1974

Nearcut 2653 Pattern This month, another interesting and beautiful Cambridge Glass Company pattern, called simply Design 2653.

The overall design consists of large squares covering the body of the piece except for a deep plain rim. The rim is scalloped on some pieces and plain on others. The squares are staggered around the body in horizontal rows making them appear spirally or diagonally. Each square has high bevelled sides witb corners sliced off and concaved. The top of the square carries an octagonal star; all stars are alike. Note in the photo, the interesting handles on the ice cream tray and the celery tray.

The pattern was made in creamer, sugar, covered cracker jar, celery tray, ice cream tray and square saucer, tumbler, goblet, custard cup, footed sherbet, jelly compote, punch bowl, two-handled celery vase, quart ond two quart tankard pitchers (the two quart pitcher was made with applied handle), four piece table set, several flat bowls, carafe, cruet and open salt. Made in the early 1900's.

Happiness is a set of goblets in NEAR-CUT Design 2653.

* Ref: Minnie Watson Kamm