Patterns - 4072 Cutting

by Ruth Forsythe
Issue #12 - April 1974

Spring !! Our fancies lightly turn to thoughts of love for exquisite Cambridge glass.

The Cambridge Glass Company was responsible for many patterns which were cut or etched on the clear sparkling crystal.

4072 Cutting

No. 4072 CUTTING* (pictured) has beautiful simplicity in that the pattern is not complex and stands out as a distinct pattern rather than the pattern being lost in a maze of curlicues. A daisy, a swag and several vertical double headed spears result in a pleasing cut pattern.

Cutting is done with rapidly revolving carborundum wheels of different sizes, or copper wheels supplied with a steady stream of emery dust and oil. Skilled workmen follow designs which have been placed before them or previously stenciled on the glass. With their wheels, they are able to cut any desired design much as an artist would draw a picture with a pencil.

When the piece comes from the cutting room, the cuttings are gray and must be polished, either by buffing wheels or by immersing in a solution of hydrofluoric acid. The acid dissolves a portion of the surface, smoothing it out and giving a beautiful polished appearance. It is more satisfactory in many ways than the old style buffing process which, if not carefully done, causes spreading or pulling of the design.

* Ref: Cambridge Glass Co. Catalogue