Cambridge Carnival Glass

by Charles Upton
Issue #11 - March 1974

The question, "Did The Cambridge Glass Company make Carrival Glass"? seems to be one question being asked frequently. The most recent being from a fellow club member in Indiana. This member asked if the Millersberg Glass Company did the irridizing for the Cambridge Glass Company. The answer to this question is NO, with one exception.

In questioning knowledgeable, former employees of the Cambridge Glass Company, I was able to learn that the Millersberg Glass Company did some experimental irridizing on some three or four dozen pieces for the Cambridge Glass Company. The pieces used were all "nappy or bowl type" items.

These employees reported that the Cambridge Glass Company did their own irridizing and that it was done while the items were still hot from the mold. This work was done from around 1910 to around 1920. Needless to say, it is quite scarce and demands a high price tag when found. Most of the pieces being found are the NEAR-CUT pattern such as Inverted Strawberry, Inverted Feather, Inverted Thistle, Buzz Saw and Wheat Sheaf. Any of the other patterns of NEAR-CUT that are Carnival would be classed as rare.

It was reported by this member that a Green Carnival, Inverted Strawberry pattern Powder Box was sold at an auction for a mere $100.00. A Marigold tumbler in the same pattern brought $110.00, while an Amethyst 8½ in. bowl was topped off at a tidy $110.00. It was also reported that the asking price for a Marigold pitcher in the Inverted Strawberry Pattern was $1,800.00; $450.00 was being asked for a green pitcher in the Buzz Saw pattern and a Marigold punch bowl demanded $1,200,00. The above items were being represented as Millersberg Glass. The chances that these items are irridized by the Millersberg Glass Company are quite remote and even if they were, this does not make them Millersberg Glass.

The Trade name "NEAR-CUT" belongs to the Cambridge Glass Company and was the name used on many heavy pressed pattern glass designs of the Cambridge Glass Company and should never be associated with any other Company.