Patterns - Dresden Figure

by Ruth Forsythe
Issue #11 - March 1974

Spring weather just around the corner and coming with it, great hopes of finding more beautiful Cambridge Glass to add to our collections.


Just don't want you to ever pass up DRESDEN FIGURE as she is one of the beautiful greats of the Cambridge Glass Company. Have never heard of the Dresden Figure figure being marked, so one has to carry a mental picture of her. Have only seen her in all clear and satin finish with clear face, neck and arms. She wears a tiered full skirt dress which is cut low and has short sleeves. She carries a purse which hangs from her right wrist. Her hat is the bonnet type which exposes her hair at the front and above the ears.

The DRESDEN FIGURE came as just the figure and also with an ebony base with a hole in the center so the figure could be used as a lamp.

Difficult to find, but not impossible to find.

*Ref: Cambridge Glass Company Catalogue