Patterns - Stratford

by Ruth Forsythe
Issue #10 - February 1974

February already, so not much time left until our Convention. This will be our first with more to come. Let's make it a memorable one with lots of enthusiastic members attending.

Most of our "patterns" so far in the CRYSTAL BALL have been Near Cut. The reason for this is these are early 1900 patterns and most of us are not as familiar with the early Cambridge patterns as the later ones.

Cambridge Near Cut was exceptionally good as it was awarded the highest premium at the United States of America Universal Exposition in St. Louis, held in 1904.


Sorry the accompanying photos aren't clearer, but we have to do the best we can with whatever help we can get in identifying Cambridge Glass.

STRATFORD is a sawtooth pattern which reminds one of Mt. Vernon except the pattern is much larger. The glass in STRATFORD is clear and heavy. The two quart pitcher weights three pounds. The pattern begins at the top with deeply grooved lines. Below the lines, the piece will he covered with graduated sawtooth. On the base of pieces there is a large, deeply grooved star. It comes in both footed and flat pieces; in both plain and marked with the larger triangle and C. Do not know of color, but could he possible. If you have any interesting pieces, please let us hear from you.

* Ref: Mimi Watson Kamm.

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