Patterns - Peacock

by Ruth Forsythe
Issue #7,  November 1973

The months certainly are flying by and we are now six months old. Our first general meeting, September 16,1973, definitely established the fact that we are a friendly and enthusiastic group. All of us eager to learn all we can about beautiful Cambridge glass. And, here comes another great pattern- PEACOCK.

Peacock pattern jug Photo of Peacock set I believe the persons responsible for the many designs in Cambridge glass, must have spent hours in serious thought to come up with a pattern that would have great appeal to the buying public.

S-o-o-, PEACOCK, one of the most colorful and most beautiful of all birds. Vainglorious, symbol of immortality, nostalgia (remember the trips to the zoo and all the excitement when the vain Mr. Peacock would spread his tail to the fullest extent and strut for all to admire?) The decision must have been that this pattern would have to be winner.

The PEACOCK design has been used by many glass companies. The most common being an etched pattern. Cambridge PEACOCK is a pressed pattern of the Near Cut trade mark, although not necessarily marked. The tail of the peacock is curved gracefully amidst six petal flowers, with the flowers and leaves running vertically almost the full length of the jug as pictured.

Remember, PEACOCK is a pressed pattern which is easily identified, but very scarce; a real treasure if you are fortunate enough to find one.

A tremendous help in learning Cambridge glass, is Judy and Harold Bennett's museum. If you have not already been there, plan to make it a must. If you have been there, plan to go again and again. It is a great accomplishment to put together so much beauty in pattern and color and display it to perfection. The address is 812 Jefferson Avenue, Cambridge, Ohio. Hours 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.