Patterns - Red Sunflower

by Ruth Forsythe
Issue #6,  October 1973

Indian Summer- Vacationers back to work- Children back to school- cool evenings and sunny days- the perfect time of the year to go Cambridge Glass hunting.

Red Sunflower pattern We suggest you keep in mind RED SUNFLOWER while hunting.

RED SUNFLOWER is an old Near Cut pattern made around 1910. The glass is thick and clear to permit deep cutting. The flower looks more like a field daisy than like a sunflower. The creamer pictured has four short feet and these special feet were patented by the Cambridge Glass Company.

Decoration consists of a large sunflower plant repeated around the body three times. The flower, stem and foliage are all deep cut to imitate cut glass. Flanking each flower are two sharp ovals with deep beveled edges. The ovals have a large sunburst in the center with faceted figures above and below. The base has a large deep- cut four- pointed star with a sunburst in the other half of each and fine- cut center.

The rim is gilded on the top and so are the sunbursts on the sides. The background is ruby- flashed, except for the back around the handle, which id left clear. The handle, too, is clear. The mold is four- part. There will be some variation in different pieces as to the gilding.

RED SUNFLOWER was made in table sets, a tumbler with four feet, footed water pitcher, footed 6" and 8" berry bowls, 9" rose bowl, lamp, cruet, etc. Pieces are usually marked Near Cut.

Recently exhibited in a show in Chicago, was a table setting of RED SUNFLOWER (Covered Butter, Covered Sugar, Creamer and Spooner.) Bob Coyle called the set to my attention and we both agreed it was breath- taking.

The only reason I didn't buy the set was that it was one- hundred dollars more than I was willing to pay. And don't think I didn't give it some serous thought. I used all the old reasoning collectors are famous for like "you only live once. I don't bowl or smoke or do lots of things other people do that take money; even considered a belated birthday present to myself." All of this is the weak side of our make-up. Probably a year from now, I will kick myself for not giving in to the weak in me. It may be only whispering, but maybe we should listen.