A Look Back In Time: January 1939
The Martha Punch Bowl

by Mark Nye
Issue No. 462 - October 2012

Punch set This letter, sent out to all agents by the Assistant Cambridge Glass Company Sales Manger, Howard Lovelady, needs little comment. The ladle used was the Tally Ho 1402/111, hence the inclusion of the Tally Ho number, 1402, in the punch bowl set item number. Do note that two of the more popular punch bowls today, those etched Wildflower and Rose Point, were added as a P.S. to the letter. It would be interesting to know how many collectors have a Martha punch bowl etched Blossom Time in their collection.


January 27, 1939
To All Agents:
The molds have now been completed on the New Martha 478 Ftd. Punch Bowl and the 488 Punch Cup. We are very much pleased with this new Punch Set. It has a good capacity, holding 10 quarts or 2½ gallons.

The numbers are shown on page 3 of Martha Line. Complete the descriptions and add the prices as follows:

Article DescriptionPlain E/Chantilly
E/Blossom Time
 Per Doz.Per Doz.
478 15 in. Punch Bowl, Ftd. Capacity 10 qts.75.00150.00
488 5 oz. Punch Cup4.5010.00
478/488/1402 4 pc Punch Set Per Set12.0023.75

Also add this set to your Punch Set price list, page 3 of C/L #67, dated 8/25/38. Samples will not be sent unless you ask for them.
Yours truly,
H. A. Lovelady
P.S. In addition to Etched Chantilly and Blossom time this set will also be furnished in Wildflower and Rose Point Etchings at prices shown above.