Previously Unknown Cambridge Catalog Page

by Mark Nye
Issue No. 441 - September 2010

While recently going through an original 1949 Cambridge Catalog with supplemental pages acquired from the estate of J. D. Haines, a supplemental page not previously known was discovered. A handwritten note slipped into the protective sleeve holding the page stated "Pg 146P. Not In Club 49-53 Reprint." The note was written on a sheet from a note pad that had a logo for "Distributing Education Clubs of America" and at the bottom of the sheet was printed 'M.A.J.V.S."

NCC, in conjunction with Collectors Books, in 1978 published what became known as the 1949-54 Cambridge Catalog Reprint. This volume went through several reprintings and finally Collectors Books dropped it from its line. NCC undertook, in 2005, a new compilation of the 1949 Cambridge catalog along with its supplemental pages and in 2006 issued a new reprint.

The source of the Haines 1949 catalog or the identity of the note writer has not been determined and it is unlikely this information can be obtained. Circumstances indicate that it was most likely written after the initial reprint and probably not by J. D. Haines. Wording on the note makes this writer believe that it was written by a NCC member.

Now to the page itself. Bearing the page number 146-P and captioned "Rock Crystal Engraved," it illustrates two rock crystal engravings, Garland and Priscilla, on 1401 stemware. These engravings and their presence on 1401 stemware were previously known as they were listed in the March 1952 Cambridge price list. Consequently the page does not provide us with new information except for its existence. Indications are the catalog page was issued during the last half of 1951 or early 1952. As to why this page was not in any of the previously acquired or known catalogs remains a mystery.

Catalog page