Cut Nude Stemware ALERT

By Mark Nye, with David Adams
Issue No. 437 - April 2010

We've received several inquiries from collectors who have seen a number of colored #3011 stems (the "Cambridge Nudes") that 3011 Cocktail have cuttings on them. They asked whether these are original, done by the factory.

Most collectors of Cambridge Glass are familiar with the #3011 or "Nude" stemware line. Most pieces were made with a crystal nude stem and foot and with either crystal or colored bowl (there are a few exceptions).

Crystal bowls were most often sold plain, but Cambridge did add decorations to the bowls in a very few cases. Known Cambridge etchings were done on both crystal and colored bowls, but not in great quantities, and today, these are extremely difficult to find.

The Cambridge Stemware book lists only one cutting that was done by Cambridge on the #3011 line, and that was done only on pieces that were all crystal. Cuttings are seen on the crystal 3011 comport as well and these are quite uncommon to find.

So, if you have recently seen colored #3011 stemware with cuttings, it is VERY LIKELY that these post-date the Cambridge factory, perhaps by many years. Based on our extensive review of factory records, there is no documentation that indicates that Cambridge ever engraved or "cut" colored #3011 pieces.