Reproduction of the 10½" Swan

Contributed by Lynn Welker
Issue No. 422 - October 2008

A reproduction swan in the 10½" size, Style III, has been produced in West Germany. It has been advertised in the Barron's mail order catalog. The retail price of the swan is $60.00, but is now on sale for $29.95.

Repro Swan

The "new" swan is made of very brilliant, flint glass, and rings with a bell tone. From the tail feathers to the neck base, the "new" one measures 10" while the Cambridge swan measures 10½". The "new" one is 4½" at the deepest point while the Cambridge swan measures 4". The "new" one is 12" overall, while the Cambridge swan measures 11". The "new" swan is 6½" wide while the Cambridge swan is 7¼" wide.

The major difference in the "new" swan is that the feather detail is not raised on the body but is a series of inverted diamonds. The head is turned in a similar manner in both. The detail on the neck is inverted whereas the detail on the Cambridge swan is raised. The head is much larger and the eye is centered on the "new" one.

The tail feathers in the back are much higher, and the wings are not flared on the "new" swan. There is no webbing detail on the fins as well as no feather ribs inside the back of the wings.

There are many differences but, at first glance, it looks like the Cambridge swan. The photo at left will assist with the identification, but if you would like to see an example there is one on display at the Museum in the Educational Room.