Nude Stem Color Chart

by Alex Citron, Shelley Cole and Lynn Welker
Issue No. 378 - December 2004

The program at the 2004 November Quarterly Meeting was on the subject of Cambridge "Nude" stem items. It was presented to an enthusiastic audience by Shelley Cole, Alex Citron and Lynn Welker. 3011 Comport Shelley and Alex brought along about sixty nudes from their own collection, supplementing the display with anorther sixty from the collections of several other members.

The display included at least one example of each nude shape and at least one example of every nude production color. Most of the etchings and cuttings known on the line were also part of the display.

Among the unusual nudes displayed were a complete set of all seven Cocktails with Crown Tuscan stem and colored bowl: Carmen, Royal Blue, Amethyst, Amber, Forest Green, Gold Krystol and Topaz. No one at the meeting ever recalled seeing all seven colors in one place before; in fact, it took THREE members collections to make it happen for the display!

The display also featured nudes with silver overlays of flowers and ducks, gold bands, platinum bands, black enamel decorations and the red "Canadian Club" advertising script.

Nude stem color chart

The Museum's famous red, white and blue nude Brandy was in the display, as well as the equally rare Moonlight Blue cocktail with the bowl frosted on the inside. One collector even brought along an experimental #3011 Claret with a Tangerine bowl. There has never been a display of Cambridge nudes to surpass this one.

At the end of the presentation, a chart of nude stem items and known colors was shown. The chart also has very handy measurement information, showing the size of the nude figure and the height and width of the bowl on all stemware sizes. This makes it easy to distinguish between several of the sizes that can otherwise be confusing.

As soon as the program ended, additional information came in to update the chart. The updated chart is available in PDF format so you can easily print it. Just click on the image of the chart at right. If you have information on any additions to the chart, please contact Shelley Cole and she will update the chart accordingly.