Collecting Cambridge Glass in Canada

by Dale Basaraba
Issue #367 - November 2003

Finding Elegant Glass, including Cambridge, in Canada can be frustrating. After years of collecting, I'm sure it's not as plentiful here as in the U.S. Good pieces are available, but only with a lot of legwork. The Elegant Glass pattern I see the most in Canada is Imperial's Candlewick.

Here in Canada, stemware seems to be particularly elusive. I wonder if it was not widely distributed here. Maybe it still remains hidden in china cabinets, waiting to be discovered. One recent (and very memorable) exception occurred at an auction where I spotted three Royal Blue Stauesque Banquet Goblets.

I know that Rosepoint is found frequently in the U.S., but it is rarely found in Canada. The other etched Cambridge patterns are even rarer. I have had the most luck finding colored serving pieces and the more decorative items. I've managed to find a number of mayo sets, cake plates, center-handled servers, relish trays, candy jars, candlesticks, console bowls, flower frogs and swans.

Within Canada, southern Ontario and Quebec are the antique hot spots. We have a large population base, and the areas have been populated for a long time. The Eastern Maritime provinces also have some elegant glassware. In the prairie provinces and British Columbia, however, Cambridge Glass is pretty sparse.

We do have an active D.G. club in Toronto, and I will be doing a display of my Cambridge Collection at the upcoming show on November 2. Charlie Upton sent me a wonderful box full of printed materials to include with my display, so I'll try to sign up some new Canadian members for the NCC.

I was fortunate to get to Cambridge once about 14 years ago. I visited the old NCC Museum, the Bennett Museum and saw the abandoned factory. I have seen the video of the Grand Opening of the new museum, and I'm anxious to see the wonderful showcase for my favorite glassware in person.

I've wanted to go to an NCC Convention for some time, but my employer would never give me time off in June. I'm no longer at that job, so in 2004, I may make it to Convention.

Any NCC members who want to know more about my experiences collecting in Canada may e-mail me at And I hope to get to see you some day in Cambridge.